The Family Centre Services

Children and Family

Child and Family Services

Child and Family Services provide support, information and education for families. The primary focus of Child and Family Services is to strengthen family relationships and increase the safety and wellbeing of children.


Family Centre Playgroups provide opportunities for parents and children to play, interact and develop social skills, while parents meet and exchange ideas about child rearing and develop supportive relationships.

Young People and Family

youth and Family Services

Youth and Family Services  assist young people and families to strengthen their relationships, and encourages greater community participation and connection. Young people and families identify their strengths and goals and develop plans to create positive changes.

Connecting Home

Connecting Home provides early intervention and transitional accommodation services for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

REALskills primary Schools

RealSKILLS PRIMARY SCHOOLS  works with students, teachers and parents to improve the resilience and safety of children and improve relationship skills within school communities.

REALskills HIGH Schools

REALSKILLS HIGH SCHOOLS works with students, teachers and parents to improve relationship skills within school communities, increase the resilience and safety of young people, and create links between school communities, health and community services providers.

Relationship Education


Relationship Consultations work alongside individuals to assist in managing relationship issues with partners, ex-partners and children. Consultations support participants to enhance their relationships through learning more about themselves and the needs of their partners and families.


Relationship Skills Courses assist men and women to better understand relationship challenges and develop skills that promote positive relationships and general wellbeing.


Male Domestic and Family Violence Victims Services receive referrals from police, through Safer Pathways, following incidents of domestic and family violence. It assesses risk, provides safety assessments and planning, and coordinates

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