Conflict of Interest

NDIS Conflict of Interest and Commitment

Choice and Control

The Family Centre is committed to ensuring participants play an active role in decisions that affect their lives and to make choices for themselves. The Family Centre has adopted an evidence-informed approach that assists to maximise a participant’s decision making, choice and self-direction.

We have implemented a number of mechanisms to ensure participants, nominees and/or their advocates, engaged in our services and programs are at all times supported to make informed decisions and exercise free will and choice in relation to all matters that affect them.

Conflict of Interest and Commitment

The Family Centre acts in the best interests of participants by ensuring that they are informed and able to maximise choice and control in their lives. To meet these commitments the Family Centre has established broad range of safeguards and mechanisms to manage perceived and actual conflict of interest within our services.

The Family Centre offers a variety of supports including Plan Management and Support Coordination services. Furthermore, we also may provide additional services to support participants funded by other government bodies. 

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